The Louisiana Recyclers Association (LRA) is a group that was formed in 2011 in an effort to have a voice and the potential to help mold recycling laws that were being proposed at the state capital.  We retained a lobbyist and were successful, as difficult that may be to believe, in fending off proposed laws that may have been detrimental to our industry as a whole.  The current scrap law on the books sunsets next year and entirely new law will probably be introduced.  Based on what we have seen and heard during this year’s session, next year’s session will be extremely difficult for all in our industry.

That being said, I would like to invite your organization to join the LRA and help support the industry in our state.  We are stronger in numbers when we go to the capital and when our elected representatives hear a single message from our members.

Over the year, we will be working to assure law enforcement and victim groups that we are working for positive and cooperative change. However there are numerous individuals and associations who desire to have our industry very heavily regulated and would like to see us cease to exist.  If we are going to have some control and input in proposed legislation, it will require the support of our friends and fellow business owners. The future of our industry depends on our association to promote, preserve and protect Louisiana’s recycling industry.

This year we were basically single handedly responsible for stopping the purchasing restrictions for ALL air conditioning components (HB 469) and a bill that would have required all scrap operations to retain notary service for the purchase of ALL scrap, required auto bodies to be held for 10 days, and would have allowed law enforcement to prosecute employees and owner for purchases regardless of the statement of ownership that the seller submits at the time of purchase (SB 475).

Get involved today by joining the LRA (an application is attached for your use)! Become involved by being active in the fight to protect our industry. Also, ask your fellow industry members to join our association and support our fight to preserve our industry. Remember, there is strength in numbers and we need to count YOU in our number! Together we will be helping our industry stay strong and prosper in the years to come.

Best Regards,

Chip DeJean